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We endeavor for Black Women throughout the diaspora to be free, safe, healthy, and protected; Navigating their destinies, delivered from the effects of systemic and historical trauma, poor healthcare, trafficking, racism, and gender/socio-economic disadvantages.

Reclaiming, Renaming, Reshaping, Me.
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There was a Woman named Maxine Roxanne Kirkland who inspired her daughter to found an organization that focuses on the comprehensive care and support of Women throughout the African diaspora to reach their highest potential.

Maxine’s daughter, Ebony (Freedom) Kirkland, founded Black Woman Freedom Network, LTD. in 2020. Freedom’s primary mission is to ensure that every Black Woman in their communities are accessing quality healthcare, education, and safe communities for their children to thrive.

Developing a national and international network of Women of all backgrounds will keep this dream alive.

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Free, Safe, Healthy, and Protected

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